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Laser Technician

This course is a 5 week program consisting of practical and theoretical.When you are done you can start working with clients right away. This course has no prerequisites and consists of; In-depth knowledge about skin & hair so you will be filled with confidence to serve your clients properly when you are certified. Everything you…

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History of massage

History of massage Anatomy and physiology Benefits of massage Levels of massage Basic Technique and strokes Posture and hygiene Contra Indications Room and work area set up Equipment and products needed Step by step video instruction on strokes and techniques for every part of the body including: Full Back Massage Shoulder Massage Back of Leg…

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Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are acid solutions applied to the skin. Most chemical peels aren’t actually peels, but instead gels, lotions, grams, and cleansers that dissolve the outermost layer of skin, allowing it to peel off over the following days. By removing old skin cells, chemical peels reveal the fresher layer below. Chemical peels are also referred…

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Medical aesthetician

The objective of the program is provide students with the knowledge and practical skills as an professional medical aesthetician, makeup Artist, Laser technician or start their own business. Our students have opportunity to develop skills through these program and spa like experience. Estheticians may use a variety of techniques and treatments on their clients, from…