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Health and Beauty Canadian College is a Private Career College opened in 2018. We deliver highest-quality educational courses by the highly educated instructors and staff. We offer variety of online theory courses and in-person practical courses for our certificates, as well as in-person theory and practical cosmetology and aesthetics courses for the diplomas.With the brand-new equipment and technology, as well as small classroom sizes of maximum 5 people, you can achieve your career goals when you graduate from our college. You can find employment in different settings, such as Spas, Medical Spas, Medical clinics, Doctor’s offices, and Home-based businesses.

We provide excellent customer service to answer your questions or concerns.

Our Top Online Courses

The curriculum of our Health and Beauty is designed to help each student become a professional aesthetician.

Get a diploma in 14 weeks and earn up to $56,000 a year. Courses available on Saturdays. Learn from professionals and get the skills you need. Become a certified nail tech now. Start Your Beauty Career. Courses: Micro Blading…


About The Course

A fine balance between theory and practical application is maintained, allowing students to use their new skills in the real world right after graduating.

At Health and  Beauty Canadian college we stand behind graduates who are ambitious and determined in opening their own businesses and becoming entrepreneurs. We provide each student the mentorship and ongoing guidance they require to thoroughly understand the demands and needs of the industry. Throughout the program, a great emphasis is placed on developing customer relationships, product knowledge, following compliance and cosmeceuticals.

Upon completion of the advanced aesthetics program, students receive an industry recognized diploma. Students will graduate with knowledge and experience to successfully launch their careers working in the spa industry as professionals Aestheticians, managers and beauty advisors.

Incomparable best quality of the trainings

Best place in Ontario to learn about skin care, laser, micro-needling, chemical peel, microdermabrasion and medispa treatments + running a successful medical spa both professionally and compliant to the laws and regulations in Ontario. Both diploma and certificate courses are amazing.


I’ve been already in the industry for years running a business in and got trainings from manufacturers, vendors, other colleges and training facilities; none of those were comparable to the quality of the trainings provided at Redwood. Some our employees have been taking courses at this college as well.


I have also been taking hybrid-training courses which are partly based on online-learning. I found it very useful to learn at the comfort of your home/office; you save so much time! They utilize state-of-the-art technology of inMode (laser+rf) full platform; you will learn with the best tools at the best hands. I would like to thank Azadeh who is an exceptional therapist and educator.

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