Skin Care Therapist

Course Content:

This Program gives the student the opportunity to be employed as a Skin care therapist. Skin care technicians provide health and beauty treatments in spas, salons, clinics and doctors’ offices using skin care treatments and techniques. This course is prerequisite of aesthetics. By this program students learn about skin science theory and train to analyze skin, suggest appropriate beauty regimens and other skin care treatments.

Course Content includes:

  1. anatomy and physiology
  2. Type and Skin Condition
  3. Skin disorders and conditions
  4. Sanitization and Sterilization
  5. Skin type analysis
  6. client consultation
  7. Products
  8. Marketing and business
  9. Customer service and client relation.


The Following Topics are Covered in This Curriculum:

  • Facial Therapy Treatments (Enzyme peeling)
  • Mask Therapy
  • Anti- Aging Facial Treatment
  • Acne-Seborrhea Facial Treatment
  • Natural and herbal facial
  • Radio Frequency
  • Hyper-Pigmentation Treatment
  • Proper Sterilization practices for machines & equipment
  • Hydradermie facial
  • Oxygen jet peeling
  • Proper Extraction Methods
  • Holistic Aromatherapy Facials
  • Skin disease
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