Hot Stone Therapy Massage

This technique uses warmed flat stones and sometimes also cool stones; these are placed on the body to improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and relax the muscles, which helps make the massage more effective. Some therapists also use hot stone therapy as a part of energy healing.

Stone therapy training is useful not just to massage therapists, but also for physical therapistsreflexologistsestheticians, and many other types of bodywork practitioners and spa workers. During a typical stone therapy massage session, the therapist first sanitizes and heats the stones. Techniques used during hot stone therapy include massaging or stroking the body with a heated stone, or leaving heated stones at key points on the body such as the spine, the palms of the hands, and between the toes. Cold stones may be used on areas of inflammation or muscle injury. Sometimes, the practitioner may also administer a more traditional massage, such as Swedish massage.

At hot stone therapy course, you’ll learn about the history and theory behind stone therapy; proper techniques of stone therapy massage, including body mechanics; how to clean and maintain the stones; and how to incorporate stone therapy training into your practice as a massage therapist or other practitioner.

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