Professional Esthetics Career Training in Hayward and coming soon in Toronto area!

Estheticians, commonly known as skincare specialists, perform specialized face and body treatments, providing high-quality care to their clients. A career in esthetics is great for people who enjoy working with clients to help them look and feel better. Improving the quality of life for clients is a satisfying and fulfilling way to build a career.

As a skincare specialist, you will take on many important tasks, including evaluating clients’ skin condition and appearance, discussing available treatments, removing unwanted hair, recommending skincare products, and much more.

The best way to see if HBCC is the right fit for you is to see it for yourself. You can tour our facilities, and meet with both students and instructors.

Becoming a Qualified Esthetician

The Esthetics program at HBCC will provide you with the hands-on training, practical salon experience, and industry support it takes to pursue a rewarding beauty career, without spending years in school. You will complete 600 clock hours in order to meet the licensure exam requirements. Clock hours include training in Facials (350 hours), Health & Safety (250 hours), and Hair Removal/Makeup (50 hours).

During HBCC’s Esthetics Training Program you’ll learn:

  • Facials
  • Hair Removal (waxing, tweezing)
  • Face Peels
  • Eyelash Application
  • Makeup Application

Flexible Class Schedules

We understand that you have a busy life and you cannot drop all of your responsibilities to attend school. That’s why we go the extra mile to create flexible class schedules tailored to your needs. HBCCoffers full-time, part-time, day and evening classes to make attending school more convenient for you.

We also have frequent start dates, meaning you don’t have to wait months before you can begin your career training.

Get On-the-Job Experience in a Real Salon

With a hands-on trade such as Esthetics, you need to practice on real clients to grow into a competent Esthetician. You’ll get the chance to do just that in our student salon. In our on-site salon, you can practice cutting-edge techniques on real clientele under the supervision of industry-experienced instructors. This valuable experience will give you confidence in your abilities when it’s time for you to enter the industry.

A Bright Career Outlook

There is a great job outlook for Estheticians in the coming years. The HBCC predicts that the employment of Estheticians will grow 11% between 2018 and 2028, which is much faster than the average for all occupations.

Career Opportunities

As a licensed Esthetician, you can find jobs in a variety of interesting areas, such as:

  • Spas and Salons
  • Medi-spas
  • Hotels/Resorts/Cruise Lines
  • Dermatologist Offices
  • And more!

Many Estheticians have the opportunity to be self-employed, either leasing a room in a salon or spa or working from home.

Prepare For Certification – Your Ticket to Employment

HBCC’s Esthetics program is designed to thoroughly prepare you for the license examination that is conducted by the National Coalition of Estheticians, Manufacturers/Distributors & Associations (NCEA). This course is a prerequisite for your application to the State of California licensure exam. Our goal is for you to learn all of the skills and knowledge that the exam covers, instilling confidence in you when you enter your exam.

Passing the certification exam demonstrates that you are a capable Esthetician. Ultimately, earning your certification is your ticket to pursuing entry-level employment as an Esthetician.

Get the Support You Need to Launch a Successful Career

At HBCC, we believe a lack of financial resources should never be a barrier to your education. That’s why we participate in several federal funding programs aimed at supporting students who are pursuing post-secondary education. Your career training can be made possible with the help of Federal Student Aid, Pell Grants, Veterans Benefits, and other Fanatical Aid programs. Sit down with one of our financial aid advisors, and they will work to help make Esthetics school accessible for you.

Is a Rewarding Career in Esthetics Right For You? Get More Info…

If you’re interested in learning more about careers in Esthetics and exploring whether HBCC is right for you, fill out the form on this page to receive more information.

For immediate questions, call any of our bay area locations today. a HBCC admissions representative will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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